June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice, or first day of summer, is here! The summer solstice is that time of year when the earth's axis tilts toward the sun, thus affording us longer and warmer days. Look to Wikipedia for a detailed description of the solstice if your family wants more information.

The first day of summer can be a perfect time to set some goals for the remainder of the season. Ask each family member what they would like to achieve in the next few months. Maybe your son wants to learn to ride his bike sans training wheels. Your daughter might want to score a goal in her summer soccer league. How many of us out there would like to run at least a mile a day? Decide what your family's goals will be and determine the best course of action to get there. This can be a fun discussion to take place over a glass of ice-cold lemonade under a shade tree. After you figure out your goals and plan, go out and take advantage of the longest day to get a head start!

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