June 24, 2008

Paper Airplanes

Today you and your children will earn your wings. Time to build paper airplanes! This paper airplane site is amazing! They have 10 designs with animated instructions for a probie airplane builder like me.

If so inclined, spend some time decorating the paper you plan to use. Try crayons, makers, stickers or you can cut out and tape on pictures to add a splash of color to your aircraft. After the design phase is complete, (cue in Top Gun soundtrack) it is time to fly. You can launch indoors (with permission) or take your gliders outside. You can try making many/all of the airplane designs and conduct an experiment to see which style flies better. Or, have every air commander make the same design and see whose goes the furthest.

This activity could be fun for all ages. If your child is too young to build an aircraft on his own, then you choose your favorite design and entertain him with your flight captain abilities.

Frugal It: Use ‘scrap’ paper to build your planes, and then recycle when the planes return to the hanger.

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